December 2005 - Season Greetings

We wish all out Muslim clients a Happy Eid Mubarak.


We wish all our clients A Happy Festive Season and a Prosperous 2006.


Industry News:

Certain insurance companies have contracted their accidents to service providers who in turn contracts certain towing companies to tow their vehicles from accident scenes to panelshops on the panel of the insurance. There has been heated debates and mudslinging between panelshops and breakdown companies with these corporates as many feel that they have now been excluded as they are not receiving a justifiable amount of work to cover their overheads due to this process that has been put in place. There are various associations within the industry that are trying to overthrow these processes as they feel that the previous advantaged companies are still benefiting from this, as the criteria to be on the panel demands that panelshops and towing companies have to have certain equipment and tools to be on the panel. All these years the big panelshops and towing companies could afford to have these equipment and they always received work from big corporates. The disadvantaged companies always had to build their own equipment and reinvest to the best of their abilities and street smarts to survive. Since government legislation has now included the previously disadvantaged by incorporating BBBee (broader based black economic empowerment) the big corporates have now found a way of passing the buck not to deal with this by outsourcing their work to service providers, who still only use the companies of the old regime. Theses service providers are also previously advantaged individuals that have set out new businesses in this field.

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