To offer a cost effective, efficient and reliable breakdown service in the Western Cape & Surrounds. To try and always satisfy our customers needs as far as time delays and situation or area of breakdown is concerned.

Established in 1976 on the Cape Flats, As a previously disadvantaged company, by Victor Allan Paul Khan (m) 58012151890801(40%) & Nuja Nerina Khan (f) 6301190088084 (60%). This couple was born & raised on the Cape flats. Due to the socio-economic climate & the educational system they started this business to increase the family income.

They moved to Mitchell’s plain and worked long, hard hours, initially starting with 1 truck. They have now built a fleet of 11 trucks and currently operate from a smallholding in Philippi. They have secured contracts with major role player in the motor industry.

Our towing resources now include a fleet of late model tow vehicles

3x Rollbacks

2x Wheel lifts

3x Slingbacks (being phased out slowly)

2x heavy

1x extra heavy

All equipped with etc.


We are now in the process of expanding our business in the automotive industry and therefore would appreciate to be included in the process of tendering on any non-contractual vehicles of the insurance industry or as instructed by the insurance or companies who has these procedures in place.

We have the resources to be able to store vehicles up to the point that it is cleared for tendering as we have a safe, secure smallholding, compromising more than 3000sq/m.


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